About Us

About Us

About Us


We have a wide range of products and services in store. Come and visit us at iBeautie and have a chat with our friendly staff.


We specialise in everything to do with skin and beauty, so we only use the best products. We stock everything from Ultherapy, through to Dermapen 3.

Entered the beauty and semi-permanent makeup industry to study professional technology and management since 2001. Beauty salon operation was established in 2013.

After 12 years of hard work and unremitting pursuit of the cause, created a unique business philosophy.

iBeautie Skin Management is a beautiful legend, a company with international management standards, an international professional beauty body organization that creates a youthful appearance and a graceful posture. Products, instruments and techniques. Our company has the most effective products at present, and bid farewell to the hospitalized products used in traditional beauty salons, and changed to products that are individually packaged for each customer‘s protection and unique characteristics. The instrument that the customer enjoys is the result of the latest scientific research by the Nobel Prize, and our company is designated as the only business authorized to use it legally.

With the business philosophy of "people-oriented, quality first, sincerity, truthfulness and perfection."

iBeautie Skin Management Beauty provides each customer with enthusiasm, friendliness and efficient service, and is committed to success for everyone. Friends provide a successful marketing system for business, a successful way to get a beautiful career.